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Commission Permanente de Spéléothérapie


Department of Research / Département de la recherche scientifique 
  (PCS / CPS - UIS)

Announcement of PCS/CPS-UIS

ST/HT 05 /08.02.2016

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Sir/Madame,

The Permanent Commission on Speleotherapy (PCS) / Commission permanente de spéléothérapie (CPS) of the UIS – member ICS and UNESCO, announce that on website PCS /CPS- UIS, http://www.speleotherapycommission.webgarden.com and in the Speleotherapy Newsletter will be presented data regarding activity centers for speleotherapy (state or private hospitals and other non medical state or private institutions with or without additional medical services or medical control), having underground - speleotherapy departments in salt mines or caves by different origin and also of spaces for halotherapy on the surface, are used for medical purposes, “speleotherapeutic / health” tourism or for recreation.

For this we request the following information:
• name of the institution who practiced speleotherapy in salt mines and caves of different origin, type and location of the institution, when was founded, postal address, e-mail, phone number;
• location data of salt mines / galleries / the mining chambers and caves of various origins utilized in speleotherapeutic purpose or spaces for halotherapy on the surface; 3-4 photos those underground spaces and artificial spaces on the surface;
• for what types of speleotherapeutic activities (medical, "health tourism", recreation) is used respective salt mine, cave of different origin or halotherapy space;
• the number of patients (sick people, tourists from the "health tourism" and / or recreation which have made or procedures or speleotherapeutic cure in salt mines / galleries / the mining chambers and caves of different origin) or in halotherapy space - for one period (one year, a more prolonged period);
• type of speleotherapeutic or halotherapeutic procedures or cure (short characterization - up to 30 words);
• speleotherapeutic or halotherapeutic effect (number of patients -% with positive effect, no effect or a negative effect, short characterization of the effect - up to 30 words);
• you express interest to participate in scientific studies and to the development of speleotherapy and halotherapy?
• give an example of investigations where with you have the opportunity to integrate into scientific studies for the development of speleotherapy and halotherapy;
• you express interest to participate in founding a thematic networks for scientific cooperation and for the launch and also for realization of some projects dedicated to efficient use and safe of salt mines and various origins caves environmental underground factors with therapeutic properties in the medical and balneary («health») tourism purposes as well as dedicated to the protection and remedy those environmental factors?
• are you interested that the sent data will be popularized through the PCS/CPS-UIS website for a better informing the world community (of the public) about speleotherapy/underground therapy and halotherapy in the respective geographic zone;
• you have specific proposals to domain?

Please sign the letter with that data and send it by e-mail:

Iuri SIMIONCA, President of PCS/CPS-UIS

MSR II, Dr.of Sc., Ph.D. Iuri Simionca,
President of Permanent Commission on Speleotherapy (PCS) / Commission
permanente de spéléothérapie (CPS) of the UIS (member ICS & UNESCO),

Pr. Imunologist at the National Institute of Rehabilitation,
Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology, Bucharest, Romania
011171. Bucharest, Sect.1. Ion Mihalache Blvd. No 11A, office 108
simionca_iuri@yahoo.com; GSM: 040745064700
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